Fresh Life Tools, Inc., a not for profit organization, does not promise or claim to anyone who utilizes the material on our website or the material/information from our workshops or books of an improved or better life.  The goal of our website and our publications is to offer fresh perspectives, ideas and suggestions in how one can obtain problem solving skills.

Therefore, resulting incidents whether good or bad are not the responsibility of Fresh Life Tools, Inc. or it contributor(s).  Any change in an individual’s life is the direct result of choices and decisions you yourself make within your own life.

Our Mission

Our mission is about helping and encouraging individuals to recognize that our lives are about the choices we make each day!  When made our choices can solve a problem or it can make a problem bigger than before! 

Therefore, the goal of our website, workshops and publications is to offer individuals fresh perspectives, ideas, and suggestions on how one can obtain the problem solving skills needed to make life easier.

The choices we make dictate the life we lead!