Allow me to ask. . .

Allow me to ask you a question, and I’m asking you to be honest with God.  In order to get where God wants you to be in order to fulfill your calling, which would you rather do?  Read fifteen chapters of a book, or sit twenty-four hours a day for a period of time and listen?  That’s a no brainier!  Of course you would rather read fifteen chapters in a book!  That way sure would have helped me out!  Well, that is not the way it works and that is not the way it is going to work.  Why?  Because this is not “all” about head knowledge.  This is about: Your walk on earth!  People who want to be everything that God wants them to be on this earth, must come to the realization of this: The more head knowledge you have is not going to help you succeed the way God’s wants you too! 

This is about: Change!  It is not only about filling our heads with knowledge.  This is about laying down your life!  This is about the changing of perspectives; the changing of thought patterns, and the changing of the way you look at things.  It is about changing the way you would normally handle things in this world.  It is about the changing of the things in you that are even okay with God.  What do I mean by that one?  This!  Even if something is okay within you.  God may want to add to it, and enhance it!  This process is about learning, but!  The most of it is about you changing inside and out!  It is about suffering, sacrificing, adjusting and more!  You have to walk the desert, and you have to adjust to the heat, and you have to sacrifice your desires! 

In Christendom, people say all the time, “We must decrease!  He must increase!”  My question is, “So, why don’t they?”  You can’t stay the same and serve God in the way He wants it done!  That is what is wrong in Christendom today! If it were being done the way God’s wants, people would be flocking to find out what Christendom has that they don’t have!  

So, what is the point!  You have to apply what God is doing in your life to your everyday walk!  It has to be worked into you!  You just can’t read a book or just sit in a class and be taught!  You have to make application!  God has to change you inside and out!  This takes time and you don’t learn it from a book! 

You can read your Bible until you are blue in the face.  You can read the book I’m writing over and over or listen to me teach you one on one until you are blue in the face!  You could allow me to work with you privately in my office until you are blue in the face!  But!  Until you allow God to work things out in your everyday life alone with you -you are not going to be what God created you to be! 

This is not about head knowledge!  God is not looking for intellectuals!  He is looking for people who are willing to put down their head knowledge and their decrees and their analytical minds and work it out with Him!  God is looking for people who will quit saying, “Well, God gave me a brain, and He gave me good mind, and He gave me a lot of good logic.  So, I believe He wants me to make my own decisions!  And I don’t believe He wants me to have to ask Him everything.”   “So, how many mistakes have you made with this good mind?  God never said once we are to make our own decisions!

sw-h – (part one)

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