Part One

Do you expect people to treat you a certain way?  Are you continually getting disappointed?  Do you truly understand why people treat each other the way they do?  Do we understand we  have treated people unkind?   Here is why: The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it”?  (Jeremiah 17:9)

People will intimidate: control, scare, instill fear, over power, twist, threaten, address you in anger, fight, bark, bite, persecute, tease, ridicule, put down, lessen, minimize, degrade and disrespect!  They do all of these things, for one reason!  To get what they want!  

This type of behavior is used in our homes! These tactics are even used in church, at your jobs, in friendships and in the rearing of children!  Think about it: television shows and movies are rampant with selfishness and the worst part is – seeing this behavior all the time – desensitizes adults and children into thinking this behavior is ok and normal!   

People are not kind, they are out for number one!  They are selfish and mean.  The Bible teaches us we were born with a selfish nature!  This is truth and because it is, if each of us haven’t come to a full understanding of how we are to live our lives!  If we don’t start walking in love and kindness; we are going to stay with that selfish nature.  You see if you have a selfish nature in you, you are not capable of treating anyone right, because you will always have a selfish motive!  This way of life is the number one example of manipulation!

Do you see this going on in our world today?


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