Permissive Will?

The church of my youth taught God has a “permissive will”.  From my youth until now hearing that statement causes me to cringe!  For many years I didn’t understand why – I do now!  The making of this statement implies God is double-minded – He is NOT!  God abhors sin and can’t even look at it!  I can’t find anywhere in the written Word that implies or condones God has a permissive will! 

According to the dictionary the word permissive means: granting or tending to grant permission – it is the same thing as the giving of a permit or license!  God doesn’t grant permits for individuals to sin nor does God give out licenses to sin!!

Many self-help books teach there are gray areas.  No such thing!  Teaching there is a grey area is another way in an attempt to: justify our sin so we can live it out!

If you try to justify anything that you have done or anything that you are doing.  You are holding on to your own self-righteous filthy rags!

God doesn’t have a permissive will – nor does He permit sin in any way!  God doesn’t give us a permission slip to commit sin!  If God in anyway permitted sin it would be totally against His character and nature!  Plus, it would go totally against His written Word!  So, what is the answer?  God tolerates sin for a season – out of love and hopefully for a greater purpose not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.  (2 Peter 3:9) (NIV)


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