When God teaches you something there is no pride!  When you learn something from someone else, or through a book, there is a certain amount of personal accomplishment that comes with it.  “I read the whole book of John last night.”  Ever hear someone say that?  “I ministered for over an hour to this girl so and so last night.”  “I spent the last four weeks reading this great series about such and such during my evenings.”  “What a great message I heard at church this week!”  See what I mean?  Pride, self-exaltation!

Lets look at this perspective: “Have you ever heard someone say:  “Boy, I have really had a hard time this week working on some issues from my childhood with God.  I’m sure He is tired of hearing about them by now because I really had a tough time getting through some of them with Him.”  Where is the pride?  There isn’t any!  In a situation like this one – their focus is on what God helped them do rather than what THEY accomplished!  Another example:  “God has taught me some things in this past week that I have never considered before.  I am realizing that He really looks at things very differently than people do.  And it is helping me to understand Him better.” 

Any pride?  I don’t hear any!  I hear this: A person growing with God and giving God credit for the whole thing! 


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