Do You Really KNOW God?

Do YOU really know Him? I’m talking about God.  Do YOU want to know Him?  Can YOU hear God’s voice?  Do YOU want to hear God’s voice?  So many people continually tell me we can’t do that.  So, I continually tell them of course we can! 

I have repeated the following example many, many times when I have been teaching groups of people: I have seen Billy Graham on TV many, many times!  I have been to one of his crusades!  I have seen him on TV in a very in depth interview answering questions posed to him by Larry King.  I have read books written by Dr. Graham – I have even read books that I would categorize as pretty much biographies regarding Dr. Graham!  However, I never had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Dr. Graham one on one over time!  I never had the opportunity to sit and talk with him and become his friend!  So, if I were to tell you I knew him I would be lying!  I only know ABOUT HIM!  Why?  Because I have only seen him on TV and read his books.  If Dr. Graham was still with us here on earth and I was to walk up to him – I would have to introduce myself!  Why?   Because, he would have no idea who I was! 

You don’t know someone because you read about them!  The only way to know someone is to spend time with them!  And as far as hearing God’s voice – that’s up to you!  The Lord wants to talk to you!  Do you think you could be insulting God by NOT listening to Him?  He has feelings you know!  Jesus talked to His Father every day in fact Jesus said in the book of John – “. . . I do nothing on my own. . . “we are supposed to walk LIKE Jesus!  That’s why we should LISTEN to God. Do you want a relationship with the Almighty God?  Then you will need to get to know Him!  I knew a great deal about Billy Graham.  However, I never had a relationship with him because I never had the privilege of sitting with him on a daily basis, and listen to him. 

The late David Wilkerson (author of the Cross and the Switchblade) said, “For some believers the initial measure is all they ever desire.  They want enough of Jesus to escape judgment, to feel forgiven, to keep a good reputation, and to endure an hour of church each Sunday.  Such people are in maintenance mode.  And they give Jesus only the bare requirements. 

Charles Stanley said, “Just as you don’t want to be known for only the superficial details of who you appear to be, it is not enough to know just enough about the Lord. He wants us to learn how He thinks, and feels and He wants us to learn about what is important to Him, and what His purposes’ are.’

 “The way we can be sure we know him is if we are obeying his commands.  Anyone who says, “I know him,” but isn’t obeying his commands is a liar — the truth is not in him. But if someone keeps doing what he says, then truly love for God has been brought to its goal in him. This is how we are sure that we are united with him. A person who claims to be continuing in union with him ought to conduct his life the way he did.”  I John 2:3-6


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