Satan is not an Atheist!

Satan is not an Atheist He is a Believer! A great deal of mankind has become fascinated with the supernatural, and they deny the Supernatural God – The God of goodness and love!  The world is perishing and so are those in the body of Christ who make the choice to ignore the fact that Satan exists.    

There is nowhere in the written Word that shows Jesus ignoring Satan!  In fact, Jesus spoke about Satan twenty-five time in the New Testament!  Satan does exist and so do his demons!  

When you are going about your day and you have things to be accomplished and can’t get things done?  Guess who is behind that?  Yes, he can do things like this!  How about this: Have you ever stated out loud, “I feel as if I’m struggling to get things done”?  Or have you said, “Life is such a struggle!”  The Apostle Paul wrote this for us: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (NIV) Ephesians 6:12 

The topic of Satan and how he works to mess up our lives and destroy our lives is still pretty much swept under the rug in most churches.  People are afraid to address and to teach information regarding Satan!  Why?  Perhaps, some level of fear comes over them.  Or if they pay attention to the facts in regarding Satan – then they will recognize they will have to do something!!  They would prefer that God coddle them and do the work for them.  He will help us by giving us instruction in what we need to do.  But!  We are declared as co-workers with God (2 Corinthians 6:1) We are the servant and He is the master and we need to know how God wants things done!  We need to be taking the time to get quiet with God and listen to His instruction.  That is the example Jesus set for us!  God is not our Sugar Daddy!

Knowledge of Satan begins in the third chapter of Genesis and ends in the book of Revelation!  From the beginning of time, Satan has roamed the planet Earth, destroying and ravaging everything including the lives of individuals!  Satan is even ravaging churches!  Did you know that 5,000 churches close a year?  A recent study here in the US shows the numbers of those who claim to be Christians has dropped from 78% to 65%!  In just a matter of a few years.  This is truth!

The book of Job tells us this.  “The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.” (NIV) Job 1:7 he is still roaming until this day and he has thousands of days of pent up anger within him!  

There is something I want to emphasize – Satan, Lucifer, the devil, the evil one, or whatever you choose to call him is not just sitting around watching what is happening in this world.  I want to let you know he is stirring up serious, serious trouble everywhere he goes!  Just listen to the news!  He is currently very busy in the United States government splitting America in two!  Think about it!   


Individuals continue to more or less pass over James 2:19 regarding Satan and his demons being believers by saying things like, “Oh I’m sure Satan does believe – okay next!” 

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.”  James 2:19 (NIV)

 “Are there still some among you who hold that “only believing” is enough?  Believing in one God?  Well, remember that the demons believe this too—so strongly that they tremble in terror!” James 2:19 (TLB)

“Do I hear you professing to believe in the one and only God, but then observe you complacently sitting back as if you had done something wonderful?  That’s just great. Demons do that, but what good does it do them? Use your heads!  Do you suppose for a minute that you can cut faith and works in two and not end up with a corpse on your hands?” James 2:19 (MSG)

“You can believe all you want that there is one true God, that’s wonderful!  But even the demons know this and tremble with fear before him, yet they’re unchanged—they remain demons.” (TPT)

“Do you think that just believing there’s one God is going to get you anywhere? The demons believe that, too, and it terrifies them! James 2:19 (Voice)”

Are you getting it?  Just believing isn’t enough! There has to be more!  Saying you believe that God is God is not enough!  That is only step ONE to a relationship with God!  Look at the following similarities’ –

Satan was created by the hand of God.            So, were we!

Satan was created for a specific purpose!         So, were we! 

Satan was loved deeply by God!                       So, are we!

Satan had a calling on this life!                        So, do we!

Satan has access to the Throne Room!              So, do we!

So, what is my point?  This – God had plans for Satan’s existence just as He had and still has for our lives.  However, Satan wanted something different – he wants what he wants – when he wants it!  Many Christians today are that way.  Satan didn’t and doesn’t want to live and carry out God’s plan for his life in accordance with God’s will!

How many of us Christians truly want to do things our way?  And think that God understands, because we live under Grace!  In fact, allow me to show you something God said to Satan and God shared it with us in the written Word for us to understand the true intent of Satan’s heart:

“You said in your heart,
  “I will ascend to the heavens;
I will raise my throne
    above the stars of God;
I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
    on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.
I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
    I will make myself like the Most High.”  Isaiah 14:13-15

That portion of this Scripture sums up Satan’s intentions!  We need to go before God and ask Him, “What is the intent of my heart in regard to this issue or issues I’m dealing with Lord!  I want to handle things in my life the way you want me to!”  Then STOP and listen to what God is trying to tell you!

People have said to me many times: “God gave me a brain in order for me to make my own decisions in my life!” 


God gave us a brain in order for us to know the difference between our elbow and our foot when He tells us to do something!

God did NOT tell us to make our own decisions on anything!

In the above Scripture what was Satan’s intent?  Exactly what most everyone feels inside their self at one time or another.  You are not the boss of me – you can’t tell me what to do!  Honestly this statement is the basis for every single feeling/action regarding doing what we want – when we want, and how we want! 

Satan wasn’t in any way willing to be obedient to God’s will for his life!  He wanted to be in control of his own life and take over the whole world!  He wanted to be the boss of everything! 


When we make our own choices without consulting God here is what can happen: You give Satan open doors to come at you because you have stepped out of God’s protection over you!  When we are walking in obedience to God – we have protection – when you do things and make decisions on your own – you have taken your life back and you are walking in disobedience.  Even if you are in obedience in other ways in your life – that is partial obedience and partial obedience is disobedience! 

Part Two will be posted soon. . .


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