Where are You?

Part One:

Currently we are living in a time of fear!  Some have said to me, “If we go to the grocery store, church, shopping or simply drive down the street we may not make it home!”  I GET it!  Individuals are fearful and they are scared!  Individuals have always judged other individuals!  However, today it is rampant!  Gossip is not only on TV shows and in magazines it is in the churches.  I could go on and on.  Hate is rampant and getting even is a huge deal at this time. People shoot others for no reason whatsoever – than to get them out of their face and out of their way!  Judging others has always been a “Biggy” people proceed to judge, gossip, and accuse others – gossip is a big deal even in the churches while trying to pass it off under the heading of Christian Concern! 

Every individual on this earth needs to be totally aware that sin is sin and there is not a big sin nor a small sin!  IT IS SIN!   And be aware – God’s Word is true: we will – REAP WHAT WE SOW!  Plus, a scripture I bring up often says it all: “Therefore, you have no excuse, whoever you are, passing judgment; for when you judge someone else, you are passing judgment against yourself; since you who are judging do the same things he does.”  Romans 2:1

Part Two:

These questions come up frequently: “Are we living in the end times?”  Do you think Jesus is coming soon?”  So, many Christians are focused on this topic.  How would I know or how can any one know if Jesus doesn’t?  Jesus IS THE WORD of God and He doesn’t know, and He won’t know until God speaks and says it is time! Everything must be in place for the Second Coming!  Evidently, everything is not in place.  So, we as Christians should be about the Father’s business making sure we are ready.

Part Three:

It’s time to be blunt and extremely straightforward.  This is not the time for us as individuals to be worried about being offended.  Our Precious Savior was very blunt. Especially when speaking to the Pharisees!  During His ministry time here on earth for three years I believe He was far more concerned about an individual’s relationship with His Father than worrying about offending someone – and that is real love! 

Jack S. Deere (Th.D.) Dallas Theological Seminary could have given you all of the reasons why hearing the voice God stopped once the Bible was complete.  It is said of him that he searched deeply into scripture and scripture searched him!  Thus, what he found out revolutionized his Christian walk. What did he find out?  GOD STILL TALKS TO US!  When Mr. Deere spoke at the church, I was attending at the time he posed a question to the audience and it has stuck with me over time!  

This is the way I remember it, “When your mind is offended, is it to reveal your heart?” In other words – when a pastor, teacher, friend, counselor or whomever shares something with you or asks you something and it cuts into your mind – do you become offended?  When this happens reader – are the intentions of your heart being revealed?  I am sure that at some time or another this has happened to all of us – and it has happened to me many times!  Asked yourself when this happened to me did, I get angry with the individual who was talking or teaching me?  When this happens, it is not time to get angry.  It is time to get with God and find out what He wants to talk with us about!  You see God uses situations like this to teach us about ourselves!  I encourage you to not ignore them.  (sw-h)

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