Keep YOUR Focus!

Our focus on the Second Coming (The Rapture) should be correct! Plus, we need to think about Jesus’ second coming as a CUE to get on track and make sure we are where He wants us! Thus, being positive we are doing what WE need to be doing!  The second coming of Jesus is a good reason for us to want to get our life right with God. However, it should not be our focus!  Nor should it be our prayer!  It should be an inspiration to us and an encouragement to us, to make sure we are right where we are supposed to be! Why?  Because He needs us, He needs us to get our lives on track!  God has to fix (in a way) this world so that it is ready for the second coming of Christ!  The Bible says – things have to be in place! We are also supposed to be co-workers with God and we can’t assist God in fixing anything if our lives are a mess!  We must keep our lives in order with God instead of wanting to be rescued. I urge you to spend time with God!  Make sure you have intimate time with God!  Get to know Him, not just know about Him!

One last thought: my precious Dad said many times during his lifetime the following: “Our Rapture can come at our death!” We don’t know the timing on that either! Therefore, we need to be ready every moment of every day!


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