When Jesus sent out the disciples, He said they would be witnesses for Him.  Being a witness doesn’t mean I go knock on your door and tell you what I think is right in the way you should live.

          A witness is someone who walks and runs their whole life in an example of what God’s truth is and you can’t do that unless He puts you there!  There has to be change (transformation) within the individual’s life!

          St. Frances of Assisi said, “In everything be a witness and if necessary, use words.”  A witness is not necessarily someone who goes to four years of ministry school and then starts a church and preaches the gospel.  Just because they do all this it doesn’t mean they are a witness!  They can tell themselves that – but that doesn’t make them an example for God.  We are an example for God when He tells us we are! 

          Go into the world and share the truth that you have come to know yourself!  If you haven’t come to know the truth yourself how can you tell others?  If we are not already exemplifying that truth in every area of our life, what right do we have to share it with anybody?

          Witness, witness – it should be able to be seen in our lives before we can share it with anybody! 

          Once someone observes someone being blessed, once someone observes God’s power at work in someone’s life, once someone sees God’s authority coming through in someone’s life, once they see God’s love coming through that person, they are going to say, “I have been missing something, this works!”  And that is what it’s going to take in our families, jobs, and even in the people who go to church!  It must be seen in operation – that is the only way it can be proven!  

          It can’t be done any other way, if it is, it will be fakery!

“. . . and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of earth.”    Acts 1:8b (NIV)


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