We are Stewards not Owners

God must be able to trust US!  And the bottom line is because God has only as much control of our lives as we give Him.  God will not stop us when we choose to make wrong choices.  If we start making our own choices and they are not the choices God has for our life, we have opened a door for Satan to move into and begin to take control!  If we keep choosing to do things our way Satan is going to have inroads to steal, kill, and destroy.  The more room we give to Satan the more he is going to take!  He just might take a blessing, and he may take a provision too. 

When God blesses you and you don’t use it appropriately, Satan can take the blessing and sometimes the provision.  Why?  Because we have opened the door for Satan to come in and steal it!  If you start taking your own life in to your hands you are taking control away from God.  If you are doing it in one area, it doesn’t mean God is still going to have control in the other areas.  One area affects the others!

Simple Example: You have a birthday, a relative sends you 50.00 and tells you to spend the money for something you would like.  They request that you don’t spend the money on bills, food or etc.  Now who are you going to listen to, the relative or God?  As you are going about your daily business several things you would like to have keep coming into your mind.  But you go to God and He tells you to buy something you already have.  This sounds strange to you because what He is telling you to buy like I said you already have.  In fact, it is something you already use at work everyday!  The only other instruction God gives you is to wait. 

So, you wait.  During this time of waiting you are out at the mall and you see one of those things you wanted, you give in and buy it.  Now, you have taken God out of control of your life, and you have given Satan an inroad.  Satan takes that inroad, and what you bought for yourself gets broken and ruined.  So, the money you had is gone, and the item you brought has gotten ruined. 

Now!  You proceed to work, and BAM the tool you use each day at work breaks!  God told you to hold on to the money and wait, so you could buy that work tool! 

God even supplied the money to buy your work tool.  Your decision to not obey God allowed Satan to get in, and steal the blessing, and take the provision.  And NOW you are in disobedience! 

Now let’s look at Jane: Jane’s husband dies.  There is no money, because of various decisions, and the inability of Jane’s husband to work because of illness.  What is Jane to do?  She is not old enough to collect Social Security and God wants to put her in position to start the ministry.  So, she goes to God and seeks His help.  He says, “Stay right where you are for now.  I want you to stay here for about 6 months to a year.  While you are waiting, I want you to start another class and at the same time, start working on getting all the affairs from your husband’s death taken care of.”  So, Jane waits.  At God’s instruction Jane starts a class in her home, and proceeds to attempt to get all the paperwork done regarding her husband’s death. 

Around the 6-month, God wakes her up one morning, and says, “I want you to put the house up for sale in about a month.  I want you to start making plans to move south to the Hollywood/Pembroke Pines area.  I want you down there in order to start working with some people to set up the ministry.” 

Now, along with this direction God gave strict instruction about downsizing from a 3-bedroom, 21/2 bath townhouse to a one-bedroom condo.  God also instructed Jane to give away her library of books and He had Jane throw away mementos, and all kinds articles that He called stuff.  Jane also gave the most of her furniture away and everything else God told her to.  Whatever, God said, “Get rid of – she did.”

After a great deal of searching.  God found Jane a condo – the price of the condo in the area God chose for Jane was a steal because the owner wanted to get rid of it!  It was an impressive area due to the income level of the people that lived in the area.  Make no mistake God was not impressed with the lifestyle He had put Jane into!  Because, she did not have the money to buy a condo bigger than a one-bedroom.  It was a fixer-upper and only 80O square feet.  It was the amenities God was looking for – for Jane.  To the world it looked impressive.  But what God wanted for Jane was this:

  1. Her daily bread – provision
  2. Shelter – provision
  3. Car – provision
  4. Safety – provision
  5. Protection – provision
  6. Happiness – blessing
  7. Fulfillment of calling – which Blesses God

So, we have a combination of.

  1. Blessing – which is the emanates that were in the complex – which bring happiness to Jane
  2. Needs Metprovision
  3. Being in God’s will in order to bless God! – The most important blessing! 

When people looked at Jane’s condo and where she lived, they always said, “Oh WOW, what a blessing.”  Jane’s condo WAS NOT A BLESSING – IT WAS A PROVISION!  The emanates from God’s perspective was a provision!  The emanates bring the blessing and the happiness of being in God’s perfect will!

I need to stop right here and explain something before I give you a question to think about.  Here goes:  We as individuals don’t always know our true heart intent!  We think we do, but we don’t always know.  There are more times we don’t know then we do know, and you can take that to the bank! 

Now for the question:  Ask God if in any way you are looking for rewards from Him!  There are people who when they come to Him, or they do something for Him they expect a reward from it.  I’m asking you to do this, because God said most people do!  (I have asked myself the question and I’m going to keep check on myself regarding this issue.)  God shared with me that most of Christendom expects a reward in some way shape or form for what they do!  Think about this:  if they didn’t, there would not be so much reference to the fact of blessings and rewards!  How many times do you hear statements like the following: “Oh, when you tithe you will be blessed!”  As far as tithing goes – It is NOT for the purpose of expecting God in any way shape or form to give the tither MORE because they gave Him 10% of what they make or receive each month.  Here is why – HE OWNS IT ANYWAY!!!!! 

When individuals do this, that, or the other thing for God more often their heart belief is – “Oh, God will bless me for that!”  Do you understand what I’m saying?  The problem is that the receiving of a blessing or reward becomes their goal instead of pleasing God.  The question to ask God is this: “Is why I want to please you God – is it so that I can be blessed and be rewarded, and you can fix something for me?  Is that my heart motive?” 

We are not to be doing what we are doing for God to be rewarded.  We are not to come to God for rewards.  We should not even be thinking about the rewards that God can give us, nor should we be thinking about our rewards in Heaven!  We should not be doing anything for God with the heart intent of receiving a blessing and or reward!  We should be working for God and working with God whether there are rewards or not! Why? 



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