10 things to motivate YOU to God!

  1. Reading examples from the written Word.  Stories of people and what God did for them.  How and why?  What did they have to do to reach God?  Was God faithful?
  2. Seeing a need to help others.  Wanting to help but wanting God to help you do it right.  Wanting to really help, not just appear to be helping.
  3. Recognizing a need for change in yourself and wanting God to have the freedom to do it.  (This can be a turning point towards a true salvation.)
  4. Remembering promises that you made to God and wanting to fulfill and complete those things for Him.  (Even a marriage vow is a promise to God.)
  5. Realizing God needs you to fulfill His purposes on this earth and having the desire to submit your life to Him on an everyday basis.  (When you give your life to God, you don’t ‘take a day off’.)
  6. Developing an interest in knowing God’s personal views on world issues and current news subjects.  (“OK, I know how the world sees this, but how about You, God?”)
  7. Having a desire to overcome obstacles.  Putting Faith to action.  (Do you react positively to a challenge or do you tend to bend over and wither?)
  8. Being intolerant to any evil.  Are you just sick of Satan having even one little foothold in your life?  Good!  Because you don’t have to let him!  (Part of our job here is to destroy the works of the Devil.  Are you more of a threat to him than he is to you?)
  9. Hearing encouraging words directly from God.  When you are trying your best to follow God, He lets you know it.  (Note:  This only works when you are really trying – not just ‘sometimes’ or ‘somewhat’ trying.)
  10. Knowing that God loves you, and He loved you even before you knew Him.  What can you do to let God know you love Him, too?

(Saying to God you love Him, wearing a Christian symbol and ‘bragging’ about what God has done for you doesn’t really tell God you love Him.)

How can you tell God you love Him???

Appropriate motivators influence your thinking in ways that allow God to have victory in your life.


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