Could you use God for a reference on a job application?  How much time have you spent in getting to know God since you chose to want Him in your life?

Could you truthfully put down a certain amount of years that you have known God?   Could you really say that you know Him, not just know about Him?  When asked for a reference, you shouldn’t put someone’s name down that you know of, or that you “know all about.  In order to keep things appropriate and honest, you would have to know that person personally and they would have to know you personally in order for you to use them as a job reference!   Otherwise it would not be appropriate for you to use them at all! 

Yes, God knows us in detail, but let’s take this to a new level of understanding.  When we first start talking to God, He teaches us, He gives us insight, and He gives us perspectives on things.  He can even give us insight about world issues.

Have you ever gone through a crisis and you were very upset and crying?  During that time did anyone ever come up to you and put their arm around you and comfort you?  More than likely the answer to that question is yes. 

Let’s go a step further.  You are in a crisis situation, you have no one to call or go to.  So, there you are alone, extremely upset, you are crying your heart out.  When you really “know” God and you are in fellowship with Him, you could literally experience Him touching your shoulder and comforting you!  That is a relationship with God!  That is companionship!  This is an example of “knowing God”!  This experience isn’t the same as just knowing about God.  When He is teaching you, it is a different plane of a relationship all together. 

Does God know us?  Yes?  If you were to experience a moment or moments with God like this, does that mean that God knows you more.  No!  But the relationship changes when you have only God to depend on and just because God knows us, doesn’t automatically give us a close relationship with Him.  A parent may know us very well, but that is no guarantee of how the parent and child are going to get along.  There must be work, there has to be effort, and there has to be trust and love.  And that doesn’t just happen!  This type of relationship doesn’t come like a can of instant breakfast drink, it happens over time.  It takes the effort of two people, and the work of two people, not just one!  It won’t work, if just one person is putting forth all the effort and doing all of the work.   It is like any other relationship, God has to work, you have to receive, you have to work, and God has to receive. 

Back to the job application:  Even though God knows us, there must be bondingThere must be a companionship of knowing.  When you get to know somebody really well, you know what they are going to say, you know what their faults are, you know what their weakness are.  And, you react to those before they actually have to say it.  Even though God knows us that well, the relationship, of the companionship and the fellowship have to develop in order for God to react in that way to us.  Love is like that; it just doesn’t happen just because He knows what we want.  Again, it goes back to, God knows what we need, but He is not moved by need.  He is moved by faith and action.  If you want God to be your best friend and your best companion, knowing that He knows what you need,  that doesn’t mean  you are going to get what you need, you have to work for it. 

When you use someone as a reference, they should be able to tell what they have experienced about you for themselves!  NOT what they have heard or read about you!  Someone said in one of my classes last year, “How would someone know if God considered you His friend?”  The answer to that is, HE would have to tell you that!  Same principle!


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