Part Two – Facing the Consequences!   

“. . . Adonai, God, sent him out of the garden of ‘Eden to cultivate the ground from which he was taken. So, he drove the man out, and he placed at the east of the garden of ‘Eden the K’ruvim (Cherubim) and a flaming sword which turned in every direction to guard the way to the tree of life.”  Genesis 3:23-24 (CJB)

Did you know?  Adam and Eve were living in a supernatural world called – ETERNITY!  That is why Adam and Eve would have lived forever and not died!  They were living in PARADISE!  When Adam did not choose to obey God and he ate a portion of the fruit.  At that very moment – both Adam and Eve became ‘SINNERS’ AND “SIN” WAS RELEASED into the world – along with the Prince of this World – Satan himself!    

Adam had been designated by God to be the “Shomer” of the Garden.  The Jewish word “shomer” means – “The Guard”!  Adam was to protect, cultivate and care for everything and all who lived in the Garden – including the animals!  Adam had authority over everything to do with the Garden including – intruders!  As I have said before Adam was standing right next to Eve the whole time and he heard everything that Satan had to say to his wife!  Adam said nothing!  He even heard Satan accuse God of being a liar!  Adam did nothing!   

You see, Adam had the authority to call a HALT to everything Satan was attempting to set into motion.  Now, if Adam had been on the alert, having the authority he had – he could have driven Satan out of the Garden!  Even after Eve gave in and ate a portion of the fruit of the tree – IF Adam had refused to eat from the tree – sin would have stopped RIGHT there!  And Satan would have been defeated!

FACT: Adam did not die the same day that he sinned!  In fact, he lived to be 930 years old!  Every day of his life he had to face and live with the consequences of his choices that could not be fixed!  I am sure that he frequently saw how his choices were affecting his wife, his children, and others alive on the earth at that time.  In addition, I am sure he recognized the fact that the rest of humanity in the generations to come would also be affected!  What a burden to carry! 

Adam and Eve’s choices left no room for – DO-OVERS!  It was a DONE DEAL! 

IMPORTANT TRUTH: God did NOT set Adam and Eve up for failure! They accomplished that on their own!  When we make wrong choices, we set ourselves up for failure – every time! 

Sometime back my sister shared with me something that Dr. Phil told a couple (on TV) that was complaining and blaming others for the consequences of their wrong choices.  After listening to the couple Dr. Phil summed everything up and this is what he said: “YOU set it up this way!  So, how is that working for you?”  Amen to that! 

THE BOTTOM LINE:  God gave us the Divine Right to make our own choices.  If God were to choose to step in and STOP us from proceeding on with the choice, we have made – God WOULD BE GOING AGAINST HIS OWN WORD! 

As we go about each day everything involves a choice!  From what to wear, to what to eat.  During our lifetime other decisions which we must make are: what profession should I pursue, where should I live, am I supposed to marry this person?  Should I buy a car? The list is endless!  

When we must make a choice – we need to remember every choice we make is a big deal, whether big or small it carries with it a right or wrong decision.  Make no mistake – each decision is of great importance!  Therefore, why should we not STOP and spend time with our Heavenly Father and ask Him what we He wants us to do.  If we want to be in God’s perfect will that is a – MUST!

Why should we NOT rely on the ONE who created us and loves us with a perfect love?


Part three coming soon.


  1. Thank you for this reminder. When my kids were younger….whenever they would leave the house I would remind them to make good choices. This applies to me as well. So often I forget to seek my heavenly Father’s counsel. It’s easy to remember to seek Him in the “big” decisions…..but the smaller ones I tend to steamroll ahead on my own. Grateful He is using you to bring this message to me. Love you!


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