Part Three – Understanding a Truth!

When we step out on our own IF the decision we have made does not line up with God’s will for our life  – here is what happens:  God will NOT override OUR will!  IF we choose to do, or say, or act upon anything that is not God’s will – He will NOT stop us!  IF we make choices without spending time with God and seeing what HE wants us to do regarding EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE – it is at that point we have LIMITED God in what He can do for us!  YEP!  We can limit the work of God in our lives!  (Psalms 78:40-41)

If at some point in our life IF we have asked God to come into our lives and guide and direct our life – and we meant it – and IF we are walking in obedience – then we are living under Grace!  However, do not think for one moment nor entertain the thought that God’s Grace will erase or stop the consequences of our wrong choices!  IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!  Will God forgive us – YES!  If our repentance is REAL!

After Adam and Eve chose disobedience the Bible tells us God came to talk with them and the Serpent (Satan).  God started by asking questions – He did not begin by saying, “Oh you poor babies let’s see what we can do to fix this, I will help you!”  That is not going to happen when WE have gone against God’s will.  God was very blunt and there was no room for anyone to attempt to plead with God – although they attempted to blamed each other. 

To some individuals God’s handling of this situation seems harsh.  However, this is God we are talking about!  When we choose to make our own decisions and then set our decisions into motion, we have just insulted God and we have hurt him deeply!  By our actions we have just said to God – your plan for my life is not what I want!  So, I am going to do this instead!  It is at this point God will step-back and let us carry on with OUR OWN plan.  He will not STOP us! 

When we go against God’s will and step out on our own – as I have said before – we limit God!  All through the written Word if we pay attention to what has been written – when individuals have stepped out of God’s will – when did God ever just fix things for that person?  He did not!  He does not work like that!  If He did, He would have to apologize to Adam and Eve!

Part Four coming soon . . .

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