Part Five – An Example from Moses’ Life

Moses was already angry with the people.  The people of Israel had been whining and complaining an exceptionally long time – in fact, they had been complaining about something or the other ever since the journey to the Promised Land had begun.  Now At this point in time they needed water!  So, Moses went to God for direction regarding the need for water.  Keep in mind Moses was already angry and he had been known to have a temper.

“ADONAI said to Moshe, “Take the staff, assemble the community, you, and Aaron your brother; and before their eyes, TELL the rock to produce its water. You will bring them water out of the rock and thus enable the community and their livestock to drink.” Moses took the staff from the presence of ADONAI, as he had ordered him. But after Moses and Aaron had assembled the community in front of the rock, he (Moses) said to them, “Listen here, you rebels! Are we supposed to bring you water from this rock?”

Then Moses raised his hand and HIT the rock twice with his staff. Water flowed out in abundance, and the community and their livestock drank. But ADONAI said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust in me, so as to cause me to be regarded as holy by the people of Israel, YOU will NOT bring this community into the land I have given them.” Numbers 20:12 (NIV)

Moses direction from God was noticeably clear!  There wasn’t any direction from God telling Moses to “say anything”!

Over time, Moses prayed three different times for God to reverse the consequence of his disobedience.  After the third prayer God said, “NO!”  God’s decision was final! 

Here is why: A public act of disobedience diminishes God’s glory!  When we give into anger, rage, or pride or even arrogance we cast a shadow over a lifetime of living for God.  

When we are chosen of God to carry out our calling – God’s power is flowing through us.  It is not our power and we have to remember we are the servant – God is the Master!  It is His power; it is His authority!  Nothing about what we are called to do is about us.  For God to carry out what He wants to do in a situation – we must follow His direction to a tee! 

When we choose to do our own thing – we give openings for Satan to get into the situation.  When God speaks it is His Word being spoken into the situation, and we are not to deviate one iota from what God says to do!

I asked God for many, many years exactly what did Moses do to cause such a harsh consequence?  The answer finally came over thirty years ago.  Moses committed: An Abuse of Power! 

God’s direction when followed brings possession of, control of and authority into the situation or circumstance God is trying to work in – and it shuts Satan out!  Moses’ anger – opened doors for Satan – but most of all his lack of control disrespected God in a very immense way!  Moses abused God’s power, and God’s authority of the situation, His possession of the situation and His control of the situation – and it influenced the house of Israel in an extremely negative way! 

Moses mistake could not be fixed!  Therefore, he reaped the consequences!  He was denied the privilege of entering the Promised Land – with the people he had brought there!

Part Six coming soon . . .

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