When something comes up in your life and a decision needs to be made, what do you do?  How do you handle it?  No matter what the decision – how do you handle it? 

Who is your go-to person?  Is it your spouse?  Is it your best friend?  Is it your Mom and Dad?  Is it your Pastor?   Your sister or brother?  Or do you simply sit and fret about the issue for a while?  All the while trying to figure things out.  We human beings usually have a format we have set up within ourselves when it comes to decision making? 

So, what is your format?  Who do you want to speak to first?  If you are a professing Christian, I would hope you would want to hear God’s thoughts first!  If you are married this is not pushing your spouse out of the way.  God should come before anyone in our life!   If your spouse is a Christian – they will understand your speaking with God first!

Now, who is your go-to person?  Is it your best friend?  Is it your Pastor?  If you run to your Pastor, best friend or to anyone before you speak with God – plain and simply put – you just moved God to the back of the line!    

Keep in mind – ninety-nine and one hundred percent of the time – if you go to another person before God you are simply going to be receiving their opinions!  Human beings calculate issues – they try to figure things out.

Think about this:  Who knows the beginning from the end?  Who knows what is going to happen in the next minute?  Who knows the heart intent of all the individuals involved?   

The direction we need each day should be coming from God starting early in the mornings – whether you are headed out to work or taking the children to day care or school.  Checking with God is a big deal!  “Should I leave to go to work right now God?  If so, should I drive my normal route this morning?”  These examples may seem silly to some – but every choice we make is paramount to God in order for Him to be able to keep us safe and in His complete care.  We must work with God regarding what transpires in our life each day. 

When we go to someone and share and discuss our issues and problems when they come up – the individual you speak with will see the problem!  And they will attempt to help you figure things out! However, 99% of the information they give you will be their opinions. Now, if the person is handling your issue in this manner – they ARE trying to FIGURE OUT and CALCULATE THINGS OUT for you – AND THEY ARE “NOT” FIGURING OR CALCULATING God – IN…! 

Lets stop right here:  There ARE SOME  individuals (pastors, friends, counselors) in Christendom who walk closely and in TRUE obedience TO GOD and they can be helpful – However, God STILL DOES NOT want us to go to anyone else first!  Besides more than likely there will be NO NEED for any more information when you have finished talking with the Master! 

When a problem/issue comes up: do not start calculating the issue and start attempting to figure the problem out!  GO TO GOD

ASK God to clear your mind, say to Him, “I want to know God what your thoughts and directions are for this situation in my life – as well as how YOU want me to handle this situation.  You already know the heart intent of everyone involved including me. 

So, direct me God every step of the way.  I trust you LORD; therefore, I am inviting you inso this issue/problem does not become a mountain out of molehill! 


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