Excerpt from Sue’s Mind!

“Most people want a sweet and easy Christianity.  They want a cross-less Christianity.  They want to be coddled instead of crucified.”  (A. W. Tozer)

Every time God gives us something to do, we have a choice to make!  Are we going to listen and obey or are we going to choose to not to carry out His request?    

From time to time God may give me something to do and I call it a biggie.  The fact is I am in the middle of a BIGGIE right now!  As I write this there are several BIGGIES going on around me right now!   

I am not aware of God calling anything He may give us to do as big or little – that is just my way of expressing how I see certain things at certain times.  However, I have learned whatever God tells us to do – are Priority to Him.  They are especially important because He is attempting to carry out His WILL!

Before I go on, I want to stop and share something with you:  Be careful that you know what your calling really is!  Only GOD can point you towards your calling!  You are not going to find it out by filling out a questionnaire or attending a class.  Or even someone telling you what they think that it is.  It is YOUR calling and God is the one who wants to direct you in the way you should go!  I am going to be very honest and share something with you.  Many, many years ago I listened to someone who told me what I should do at a church I was going to, and I allowed them to convince me this was a part of my calling.  I even talked to the pastor of the church about it – He agreed.  It was a huge mistake!  It was a mistake that could not be fixed!  This happened before I learned to HEAR God’s voice!  HEARING GOD’S VOICE IS PARAMOUNT IN YOUR LIFE!  Be careful – God has THE plan and THE direction for your life, and He wants to discuss it with YOU.

Back to what I was talking about.  God has given me direction on quite a few occasions in the past and asked me to do something that I call a BIGGIE!  However, back in the late nineties my husband had cancer and was awfully close to dying.  One morning alone with God He began to talk to me and what He was saying was HUGE!  It was HUGE – It was so huge I was quite astonished!  In fact, when God finished sharing with me – He ended the conversation with, “Let me know.” 

WHAT???  I remember at this point beginning to pray something like. “God!  Help me God!  I don’t understand.”  I was incredibly stressed out regarding my husband – and he had three doctor appointments every day in two different counties of South Florida.  At that moment I thought I was going to PANIC! 

So, here is what began to go on in my mind?  “God, you want me to do this. ME?  I know you do not make mistakes – but God I have no training in that area.  I was scared for a bit about what God had said to me. I sat down on the floor and took some deep breathes and I thought about what God had said and after about 10 minutes I simply said to my Master, “Lord, I will do what you ask because you know me inside and out.  Thank you for bringing to my mind what you have taught me, “You would never set me up for failure!”  

I am choosing Master to believe you!  However, I still am feeling a little shaky with what You want me to do.  I know this is where trust comes in.  God, I really want to fulfil my calling Lord!  In fact, I want to please you every day in everything I do.  So, Father I choose to trust and obey you!  But I still feel kind of shaky.  Okay, I hear you God I made my choice and I need to stop whining and go forward and do what You want me too – for now.  Forgive me God for the whining!  Okay Master here goes – I choose to be a team with you on this project you have designed for US!  WE can do this God – together!

What is that God?  “If I want to become what you want me to be, I have to keep in mind what you told me a long time ago!”  Yes, Father I remember you saying to me, ‘Sue, if you want to walk on water with Jesus – you have to get out of the boat!”  Thank you Master!”    


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IF we love Jesus!

If we love Jesus – would we – should we do any less for Him than He did for us? He laid down His life for us – can we not lay down our life (the things and desires of the world) for Him? I have learned we are going to have to do just that in order to obtain what He wants FROM US and what He wants FOR US!



When something comes up in your life and a decision needs to be made, what do you do?  How do you handle it?  No matter what the decision – how do you handle it? 

Who is your go-to person?  Is it your spouse?  Is it your best friend?  Is it your Mom and Dad?  Is it your Pastor?   Your sister or brother?  Or do you simply sit and fret about the issue for a while?  All the while trying to figure things out.  We human beings usually have a format we have set up within ourselves when it comes to decision making? 

So, what is your format?  Who do you want to speak to first?  If you are a professing Christian, I would hope you would want to hear God’s thoughts first!  If you are married this is not pushing your spouse out of the way.  God should come before anyone in our life!   If your spouse is a Christian – they will understand your speaking with God first!

Now, who is your go-to person?  Is it your best friend?  Is it your Pastor?  If you run to your Pastor, best friend or to anyone before you speak with God – plain and simply put – you just moved God to the back of the line!    

Keep in mind – ninety-nine and one hundred percent of the time – if you go to another person before God you are simply going to be receiving their opinions!  Human beings calculate issues – they try to figure things out.

Think about this:  Who knows the beginning from the end?  Who knows what is going to happen in the next minute?  Who knows the heart intent of all the individuals involved?   

The direction we need each day should be coming from God starting early in the mornings – whether you are headed out to work or taking the children to day care or school.  Checking with God is a big deal!  “Should I leave to go to work right now God?  If so, should I drive my normal route this morning?”  These examples may seem silly to some – but every choice we make is paramount to God in order for Him to be able to keep us safe and in His complete care.  We must work with God regarding what transpires in our life each day. 

When we go to someone and share and discuss our issues and problems when they come up – the individual you speak with will see the problem!  And they will attempt to help you figure things out! However, 99% of the information they give you will be their opinions. Now, if the person is handling your issue in this manner – they ARE trying to FIGURE OUT and CALCULATE THINGS OUT for you – AND THEY ARE “NOT” FIGURING OR CALCULATING God – IN…! 

Lets stop right here:  There ARE SOME  individuals (pastors, friends, counselors) in Christendom who walk closely and in TRUE obedience TO GOD and they can be helpful – However, God STILL DOES NOT want us to go to anyone else first!  Besides more than likely there will be NO NEED for any more information when you have finished talking with the Master! 

When a problem/issue comes up: do not start calculating the issue and start attempting to figure the problem out!  GO TO GOD

ASK God to clear your mind, say to Him, “I want to know God what your thoughts and directions are for this situation in my life – as well as how YOU want me to handle this situation.  You already know the heart intent of everyone involved including me. 

So, direct me God every step of the way.  I trust you LORD; therefore, I am inviting you inso this issue/problem does not become a mountain out of molehill! 


Looking for Justice

Feel as if you are being Mistreated?

“Don’t worry about whether you are being treated justly!  Looking for justice is a sign that we have been diverted from our devotion to Him.  Never look for justice in this world!  BUT never cease to give it!  If we look for justice, we will only begin to complain and to indulge ourselves in the discontent of self-pity, as if to say, “Why should I be treated like this?”  If we are devoted to Jesus Christ, we have nothing to do with what we encounter, whether it is just or unjust.” 

Oswald Chambers


Part Six – An Example from the life of King David!

“Adonai sent Natan to David. He came and said to him, “In a certain city there were two men, one rich, the other poor. The rich man had vast flocks and herds; but the poor man had nothing, except for one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and reared. It had grown up with him and his children; it ate from his plate, drank from his cup, lay on his chest — it was like a daughter to him. One day a traveler visited the rich man, and instead of picking an animal from his own flock or herd to cook for his visitor, he took the poor man’s lamb and cooked it for the man who had come to him.”  David exploded with anger against the man and said to Natan, “As Adonai lives, the man who did this deserves to die! For doing such a thing, he has to pay back four times the value of the lamb — and also because he had no pity.” “Nathan said to David, “You are the man!  Here is what ADONAI, the God of Israel says: ‘I anointed you king over Israel. I rescued you from the power of Saul. I gave you your master’s house and your master’s wives to embrace. I gave you the house of Israel and the house of Judah. And if that had been too little, I would have added to you a lot more.  So why have you shown such contempt for the word of ADONAI and done what I see as evil? You murdered Uriah the Hittite with the sword and taken his wife as your own wife; you put him to death with the sword of the people of ‘Amon. Now therefore, the sword will never leave your house — because you have shown contempt for me and taken the wife of Uriah the Hittitie as your own wife.’ Here is what ADONAI says: ‘I will generate evil against you out of your own household. I will take your wives before your very eyes and give them to your neighbor; he will go to bed with your wives, and everyone will know about it. For you did it secretly, but I will do this before all Israel in broad daylight.’”  David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against ADONAI. ”Nathan said to David, “ADONAI also has taken away your sin. You will not die. However, because by this act you have so greatly blasphemed ADONAI, the child born to you must die.”  2 Samuel 12:1-14 (CJB) 

Wrong Choices – LIMIT GOD!

God gives us complete freedom to make our own choices – if we do not make those choices from God’s perspective, then we are working out of our own selfish nature.  That is when none fixable, hurtful, painful events can happen!  They can change the course of our lives because we have chosen to do it our way – because we have taken the situation/circumstance out of God’s hands!  We have stepped out of God’s WILL!  We have LIMITED God!  God does NOT fix situations (choices) that were never in His plan for our life – in the first place! 

One last point: When we step out of God’s will and make our own choices regarding our lives – we are walking IN disobedience – NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY WE ARE TO MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES – SERVANTS OF GOD DON’T DO THAT – HE IS THE MASTER – WE ARE THE SERVANT!